Design Development and Models

While trying to perceive the vertical village, one significant element of the rural house began to intervene with the verticality of the building, and that was pitched roof. When anybody talks about a rural housing project, the important aspect they will try to retain is the pitched roof. But because of the form of the […]

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Design Idea and Program

Imagining a horizontal village, vertically can be a herculean task. But once we start to dig into the village structure, functions and activities, it becomes easier to visualize it vertically. A village has its own fundamental functions and spaces. Surprisingly, after studying 22 such villages, it became clear that Indian villages function in a very […]

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People say, “Architecture is frozen music.” I understood the quote when I started reading the works of the most authentic architect I have come across, Charles Correa. The very first time when I heard him was on his very famous documentary, The Volume Zero.     Correa was amongst the greats – a gifted architect, a […]



In order to keep up with the idea of The Vertical Village, it was necessary to have the site either in the rural area or a suburban area. Since the project needs to grow in height and required a higher FAR, a suburban site was chosen which could act as a bridge between the village […]



The concept of The Vertical Village is hypothetical as of now, so it was hard to find just one case study which could provide all the data necessary for the project. Multiple studies of various projects were to be done in order to get the data required. Various studies done are listed below: EDITT TOWER, […]


CHIGURU MANE- An introduction

As a forth year architecture student, the 8th semester deals with the most exciting part of the curriculum and that is, THESIS. As 8th semester students we were allowed to choose our own thesis topics. The topics could be hypothetical or real time topics. The topic i choose is “Vertical Village”. the topic will concentrate […]

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Revisiting F.R.I.E.N.D.S

HELLO. HOW YOU DOIN’?  Have you ever obsessed with a sitcom so much that you’ve spent hours binge-watching them over and over again? Well, I’ve been there too. Guess which sitcom I’m talking about! It’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! (Did you get excited hearing the name? Haha. Me too). We all have watched those 80 hours over and over again, […]

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